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There were many people of this kind.

Posted in , Jesus, discipleship, Levi by LifeSpringChurch on February 12th, 2018

This sermon comes from Mark 2:13-17 which is about Jesus' selection of Levi, the tax collector, to be a disciple.  The sermon is about how Jesus preferred the sick, poor, and disenfranchised with whom to keep company rather than the wealthy, advantaged religious leaders of his day.

Why does he eat with sinners?

Posted in , Levi, tax collector, physician by LifeSpringChurch on March 8th, 2015

This sermon is taken from Mark 2:13-17.  It is about the way in which Jesus deliberately sought out people who were sinful, hungry, rejected, and curious rather than the satisfied members of the religious elite.  This sermon is about including the unincluded.


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