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Name Him Zezreel

Posted in Hosea by LifeSpringChurch on August 4th, 2019

This week's text comes from Hosea 1:2-10 and it concerns the marriage of Hosea to Gomer.  Told by God to do so, Hosea's marriage to a prostitute was a lived prophesy about the nature of Israel's relationship with God.

Hosea - Gospel Personified

Posted in , Hosea, Gomer, idolatry, Jereboam II by LifeSpringChurch on November 30th, 2014

This sermon looks at the story of Hosea and Gomer (his wife) and examines the way Hosea's enacted parable resembles the way that Jesus love us and rescued us from the effects of our sin.  Though Gomer was a prostitute, Hosea did not relent in loving her.  In the same way, God has not given up on humanity in general in spite of great failure and unfaithfulness.


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