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The Mountain of the Lord’s House

Posted in Christ, Advent by LifeSpringChurch on November 27th, 2016

This sermon was delivered on the first day of Advent, 2016.  Advent is the expectation experienced in the first century as the birth of Jesus was anticipated and also experienced in latter day disciples of Jesus who await his return in glory.  The sermon looks at a prophecy from Isaiah delivered to ancient Judah who was being overrwhelmed by the great military powers, first Assyria and then Babylon.  Isaiah 2 paints the picture of a glorious time in the history of God's people when the "mountain of the Lord's house would be the highest point and all peoples would be drawn to it.  This is in keeping with the Advent theme, Hope.

Confirmed In Three Ways

Posted in Christ by LifeSpringChurch on November 20th, 2016

This sermon is the last in a series of sermons concerned with the several, broad-ranging Christologies by New Testament writers.  These Christologies give us a good understanding of who Christ is and how that informs our lives today.  The text is from 1 John 5:5-10.

When You Love the World

Posted in sin, Christ by LifeSpringChurch on November 13th, 2016

The text for this sermon comes from 1 John 2:15-17 and examines John's instruction to "love not the world..."  The point of Jesus' coming in the flesh was two fold: to do battle with the forces of darkness and sin in the world and conquer them and to show his disciples how to live in the face of sin and temptation. 

The God We Touched

Posted in Christ by LifeSpringChurch on November 7th, 2016

This sermon comes from 1 John 1:1-4 and is the next to the last sermon on the series of N.T. texts that concern themselves with who Christ is.  This text is aimed at the Gnostics of John's time who wanted to dismiss Christ's humanity.


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