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A Smoking Pot and God’s Promise

Posted in Jesus, promises by LifeSpringChurch on February 21st, 2016

This sermon shows the link between Abraham as seen in a covenant ceremony (Genesis 15:1-21) and Mary's assertion that God will do what he promises and did so with the coming of Jesus (Luke 1:45).  The sermon shows how the Bible is unified in the story it tells from Genesis through Revelation.

First Things First

Posted in , , , greed by LifeSpringChurch on February 15th, 2016

This sermon is a mashup of Deuteronomy 26:1-11 and Luke 11:24-26.  It has the theme of putting things in the right order in our lives.  Jesus told a parable of a man that swept his house clean, driving out a single demon.  But the man did not fill his now clean house with good things so the demon returned with 7 more demons more wicked than he was.  

Similarly, Moses told the Israelites to make sure that they put God first in ordering their lives else they would fall away from him and forgetting how they got their prosperity.
It's the same message.  Put first things first or suffer terrible consequences.

Out of the Heart

Posted in , heart, judging by LifeSpringChurch on February 1st, 2016

In the text for this sermon, Jesus talks about the impact of the human heart on all behavior.  Jesus said that it is impossible to act contrary to what we dwell on and value.  This sermon from Luke 6:37-45 discusses judging others, the importance of self-awareness and self-criticism, and the congruity of the content of one's heart and one's behavior.


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