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What Mary Sang to Elizabeth

Posted in , Magnificat by LifeSpringChurch on December 21st, 2014

This sermon is a a look at the Magnificat, Mary's beautiful song about the good news that God sent us in the form of Jesus, his son.  

I’m Having Second Thoughts

Posted in , Jesus, the Cross, Messiah by LifeSpringChurch on December 14th, 2014

John the Baptist had second thoughts about Jesus.  "Are you really the Messiah?"  This sermon takes a look at common misunderstandings about Jesus' role and identity.

What is the Gospel?

Posted in , good news by LifeSpringChurch on December 9th, 2014

John the Baptist began his ministry announcing the "the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, son of God."  This sermon explores what gospel means and whether the church's message in the past has actually been good news (or gospel).


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