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What is a missional church?

Posted in , , church, missional by LifeSpringChurch on September 22nd, 2014

This sermon looks at the development of the church, since the first century, from a missional form to an institutional, Christendom form.  The sermon looks at what that means for the church today as well as what we should be doing about it to restore a first century ethos.

Strong and Weak

Posted in , , judging by LifeSpringChurch on September 15th, 2014

This sermon is the last in a series from Romans exploring what Paul the writer says about love.  This sermon looks at the obligation the strong have to care for the weak.  Loving people are not indifferent to the needs of others.

We’re All in the Same Boat

Posted in , love by LifeSpringChurch on September 8th, 2014

This sermon is taken from Romans 14:1-12 and continues the series from the book of Romans.  In this text Paul tells his readers that we're all in the same boat and should refrain from judging one another.

Boiling It All Down

Posted in , love, owe, Rome by LifeSpringChurch on September 1st, 2014

The text for this sermon comes from Romans 13:8-10.  The sermon builds on what Paul said about love in Romans 12 and shows how love is a higher obligation of a disciple of Jesus.


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